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Low Voltage Directive (LVD)


The low voltage directive (also know as LVD) is aimed at ensuring your product is safe and could not give someone using it an electric shock.


The original Council Directive was 73/23/EEC with the latest being 2014/35/EU and it states that all electrical equipment connected to the Low Voltage Mains supply must be safe and tested to show it complies with relevant standards.

The new Directive 2014/35/EU will come into force on 20th April 2016


How we can help

At Stafford Aero Technologies, we can help you meet the Low Voltage Directive (LVD) by inspecting and testing your products to ensure compliance and providing you with the required report. This is usually done in conjunction with (EMC) ElectroMagnetic Compatibility testing since it is all part of CE marking.

A good example of one of the many tests involved is the Continuity of Protective Bonding Circuit test where 10 Amps is passed through the protective bonding circuit at various points over the equipment.

The table below shows the maximum voltage drop allowed given the size of the earth cable used:

Mains low voltage cable
(mm cross sectional area)
Maximum measured voltage drop
(when passing 10 Amps)
1,0 3,3
1,5 2,6
2,5 1,9
>6,0 1,4

The IP rating is also important IP table

See Stafford Aero Technologies CE marking solution for further information on how we can directly help your Company achieve your CE mark goals.

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