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Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)


Most electronic equipment emits some form of electromagnetism. In order for your products to achieve electromagnetic compatibility therefore EMC compliance, they must not interfere with other products (emissions) and should be not be affected by emissions from other products (immunity).


Over the past few years the growth in electronic appliances has caused the background "noise" level to rise. This started causing problems with electronic equipment, so a solution was found - the CE mark which involved product EMC testing for EMC compliance.

In 1989, the European Commission adopted a directive 89/336/EEC the latest Directive is, 2014-30-EU to harmonise the different electromagnetic standards throughout Europe. The European standards body CENELEC produced a set of standards that every product should comply with. The standards are under continual revision and as Stafford Aero Technologies are members of the British Standards Institute, we keep up to date with any changing standards.

How we can help

There are many ways in which we can help your company with electromagnetic interference solutions, from our up-to-date knowledge of required standards to testing and documentation production.

By inspecting and testing your products for electromagnetic compatibility, we can help you ensure your products comply with the directive. We support the emc testing procedure with a detailed ce marking test report.

This will then mean your product is compliant for CE marking as long as it doesn't require connection to the low voltage mains supply. If it does connect to the low voltage mains, you will also need to apply the Low Voltage Directive (LVD) to obtain your CE mark. Again, this is something we can help you with.

See CE marking solution for further information on how we can directly help your company achieve your CE mark goals.

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