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CE marking


By affixing the CE mark you are declaring that your product complies with all the relevant European Union standards and it is illegal to sell a product unless it complies with the standards of the market it is going into. Outside of Europe CE is recognised as a compliance mark however, there are other compliance marks around the world. But, these days they all use the same compliance standards set out by IEC, the International Electrotechnical Committee.

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Our company background and area of expertise means we can work with you to help your products comply with both ElectroMagnetic Compatibility (EMC) and Low Voltage Directive (LVD) compatibility.

How we can help

Stafford Aero Technologies is not a standard test house. Our compliance services approach to assist you achieve your CE certification and is quite simple:

  • We receive and inspect your product and work with you to address any compliance shortfalls.
  • When testing is complete and compliance achieved, you are provided with an extremely detailed written and photographically illustrated explanatory report.
  • This documentation contains test results information and verifies your products compliance with the relevant EU standards along with a declaration, signed by us and endorsed by you, as required by the EU Directive.
  • As mentioned, any product compliance shortfalls can be addressed in-house. Where large modifications are required, we will discuss the best solution with you and once rectified your product can then be returned to us for testing under the original order and you incur no additional costs.
  • You also have additional piece of mind, knowing that any products presented to us for emc testing and ce marking will comply and you will know what the final costs will be - no hidden extras.
  • We provide a professional yet personal service - contact us to discuss costs, quantity discounts and availability. And remember, we understand the issues and are on your side because we've been there.
  • Find out more information on how Stafford Aero Technologies can provide you with your own CE marking solution.

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