Stafford Aero Technologies - CE marking - EMC and LVD testing specialists for UK imports
4 Chalk Hill House, 19 Rosary Road, Norwich, Norfolk, NR1 1SZ, UK

Everyone here either walks or cycles to commute, improving not only our carbon footprint but also their general wellbeing and fitness.
We have recently purchased electric bicycles and they are used regularly for local travel.
Remote working is promoted and encouraged.

Mental health is important to us and early, open conversations are better than building up more complex issues.

We have an on-site gym and maintaining fitness through gym work, pilates or running is encouraged at any time of the day.
We've found this also helps clear up design blockage when too deeply engrossed in a project.

The world was moving towards virtual meetings, before covid, and we have welcomed the acceleration to virtual meetings to reduce business travel to a minimum and only when really necessary.

Reducing energy use
We have LED lighting throughout, switching off computers at the end of the day, not just sleep.

The little things we do, like; filling the kettle with only enough water, recycling packaging, purchasing recycled material for 3D printing.

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